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Pumpkin Chunker Challenge

Physical Science students at Summit Academy recently held a pumpkin launching competition. The ninth and tenth grade students used concepts they learned in class to build the launchers, then demonstrated them to the rest of the students and the public. Sophomore Taylor Lustig said, "It was exciting that we could learn science and have fun at the same time." The competition entailed three challenges. The air powered launcher was the winner in the distance competition, while the spring-loaded crossbow style launcher won for height. The final challenge was to hit a target in the field within two minutes. The crossbow launcher was able to hit the target first, but suffered a minor breakdown and wasn't able to recover within the two minutes. The air powered launcher was able to hit the target more times within the time frame. Pictured left to right are Nicholas Beckman, Luke Wassmuth, and David Wassmuth resetting the launcher for it's next shot.


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