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Board of Directors


The St. John Bosco Board of Directors is a body of five appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of Summit Academy in accordance with the school’s established by-laws. Each member of the Board of Directors serves for a rotating two year term. The Board of Directors is responsible for: governing the organization by establishing policies and objectives, appointing, supporting and reviewing the performance of the Principal, ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources, approving annual budgets, providing an accounting to the parents, faculty and benefactors for the organization's performance and setting staff salaries and compensation.


Our Board of Directors:


Eric Wassmuth, President

Ken Bock, Vice President

Brandon Rehder, Treasurer

Alex Frei, Secretary

Sheryl Nuxoll, Voting Member

Fr. Paul Wander, Tri-Parish Pastor





The Principal’s mission is to establish an environment in which students achieve high standards of academic excellence, character formation, and apostolic initiative that are built upon a solid foundation of a deep and personal love for Christ and His Church. The Principal is responsible for: building and overseeing a strong faculty committed to the integral formation of its students,  implementing a comprehensive curriculum committed to high standards of academic excellence, facilitating staff development, assisting families in understanding and identifying with the mission of St. John Bosco Academy,  overseeing the day-to-day operations of the school, maintaining consistent discipline within the school and promoting Summit Academy both within and outside of the local community.


Formation and Special Events Coordinator


The Formation Coordinator’s mission is to assist the Principal to establish an environment that will enable students to grow spiritually, humanly and apostolically.  The Formation Coordinator works directly with the faculty to assist them in achieving excellence in their mission to provide students with a balanced Christian education.  As Special Events Coordinator he/she will also take care of the details for all in-school events with the help of parents, grandparents and friends of St. John Bosco Academy.


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