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It should be noted that teachers and staff willingly receive lower salaries than the norm for their experience and credentials. This sacrificial dedication is a sign of their apostolic zeal for what they see as a vocation. Such sacrifice contributes substantially to the financial stability of the Academy.

The Administrative Team

Board of Directors:

Maurice Seubert, President

Patrick Hagen, Vice President

Sheryl Nuxoll, Treasurer

Ken Bock, Secretary

Dylan Prigge, Director

Fr. Paul Wander, Tri-Parish Pastor

Statement of Faith

Every year, our faculty and staff willingly express their faithfulness to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church by publicly signing the Oath of Fidelity.

Mr. Brian Cummings: Principal, HS Boys Homeroom, 11-12 Thesis



   Mr. Cummings found his way to SJB after spending time in both New Mexico and Seattle.   He was drawn to the school because it is "an opportunity to teach and work with youth in an authentically Catholic environment free to speak and study the Truth!"

   He received his Bachelor's degree from Loyola Marymount University.  Most recently serving as a firefighter, he previously taught HS theology, and has remained active in youth ministry and youth coaching. 

     He and his wife Rebecca have five children, the youngest is enrolled at SJB. 

    Mr. Cummings is "excited to be working at St. John Bosco where our faith is integral to the entire mission of the school."


Mrs. Kelli Edmonds: Dean of Students



    Mrs. Edmonds was born and raised on a ranch outside of Lovelock, Nevada.  She attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas on a rodeo scholarship and left with three degrees and a husband!  She earned a Bachelors in Elementary and Special Education,  and a Master's in Early Childhood Special Education.   She has 15 years teaching experience.

    She and Daniel have three children.  A job offer for him led them to the area and they have settled on a little farm where they raise a variety of animals.

    She and her family enjoy riding horses, camping and visiting family out of the area.  Mrs. Edmonds helps with Sunday School at her parish and spends time gardening and canning,  They visit the family ranch in Nevada each year to help with branding.

     Mrs. Edmonds says, "Our family is truly blessed to have found the St. John Bosco Family. Our children absolutely love school, their teachers, and friends, they come home happy every day! I am so honored to be working here supporting the best group of teachers and children."


Mrs. Amy Gorges: Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper



     Mrs. Gorges grew up in Greencreek, Idaho near Cottonwood where she attended Prairie High School. She then graduated from Boise State University with a degree in Horticulture. Currently, she is the Administrative Assistant at St. John Bosco Academy, and resides in her hometown of Greencreek. She joined the St. John Bosco Academy Staff in November 2012 because she fell in love with the school once her children enrolled and because she enjoys working with people and helping them with whatever she can. She said she loves the kids here because they are very respectful, hard-working, intellectual and a joy to be around as they have good grades and live up to our motto, "Excelsior".

     Her favorite part of St. John Bosco Academy is the parent volunteers. Their dedication and love for the school always shows through in any event the school puts on. “The accomplishments of our school’s parents help motivate me to put my best into everything I do.”

     In her free time, she enjoys hunting, camping, and hiking with her family. She also operates a firearms training business with her husband, Jim. Mrs. Gorges states, “The wonderful part about living in Idaho is having the wilderness for your backyard!”


Mrs. Alea Wassmuth: School Communications & Development, HS Career Counselor, Exchange Student Coordinator



    Mrs. Wassmuth was born and raised in Lewiston, Idaho. While attending Lewis-Clark State College, majoring in Business Administration, she met her husband who was raised on a farm on the Camas Prairie.  After graduation, they moved back to take over the family farm.  She became involved in the St. John Bosco Academy community in 2006 when their oldest child began preschool.  She has two children attending St. John Bosco Academy in grades 8 and 11 and two alumni who currently attend college.  

     One of her favorite things about SJB is the family atmosphere.  “Before school you can often see students of all ages playing basketball together”, she said.  She enjoys working in a Catholic environment and giving and receiving encouragement in the faith.

The Faculty Team

Mrs. Denise Mager, Director, Christ the King Formation Center


      Mrs. Mager was born and raised in Billings, Montana.  She moved to Cottonwood in 2008.  She is certified in pre-education and previously ran an in-home daycare.  She and her husband John have eight children between them, the youngest is enrolled at SJB.

     She subbed at the school and daycare before becoming the center's director in 2019.  She and John also own Mager Bargains. 

     Mrs. Mager "strongly believes that children are a beautiful gift from God and each and every one of them are precious in their own way."


Miss Tara Stubbers: Preschool


     Miss Tara Stubbers was born and raised on the family farm in Greencreek, a small community near St. John Bosco Academy.  She attended the local public school before transferring to St. John Bosco Academy in 7th grade.  She loved how God was brought into every subject and remembers being amazed that God could even be a part of math.  She enjoyed having teachers that wanted her to succeed academically as well as socially and spiritually. After graduating in 2010, Miss Stubbers attended the University of Idaho and graduated from there in 2014.

    Miss Stubbers worked in the agriculture industry for a few years before returning to her alma mater in 2017.  "I had such a great experience when I went through St. John Bosco Academy as a student and I love that I get to be a part of giving that same great experience to current students of St. John Bosco Academy."


Mrs. Amy Forsmann, Kindergarten


    Mrs. Forsmann moved to the area after marrying a local guy.  They have four children who they raise along with their dog, fish, pony and three horses.  Mrs. Forsmann and her family enjoy all the outdoor activities our area offers.  

     Prior to teaching, Mrs. Forsmann worked at Washington State University's Equine Surgery Department as a Veterinary Technician.  This position fulfilled her passion for horses, which is equaled by her passion for teaching.   

     Mrs. Forsmann served as a substitute teacher at SJB and "immediately fell in love with the classical school environment."  That led her to pursue a permanent position. She says, "It is a reassuring feeling when students WANT to be at school!"



Mrs. Jenny Baldwin: 1st Grade


     Mrs. Jenny Baldwin was raised in North Idaho and always knew that she wanted to be a teacher. She graduated from the University of Idaho in 2005 with a degree in Elementary Education and minor in Reading.  She taught 1st grade for three years before her oldest child was born.  

     "I am so happy that I had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom until all of my kids were in school, but I always knew I would start teaching again.  I am very grateful for the opportunity for myself and my kids to be at St. John Bosco Academy."


Mrs. Shelly Dempsey: 2nd Grade


     Mrs. Shelly Dempsey was raised in Grangeville and attended Sts. Peter & Paul School.   She attended Gonzaga University, majoring in Elementary and Special Education, then earning a Master's Degree in Special Education.  After working out of the area for a few years and marrying Ray, they returned to Grangeville to raise a daughter and son.

     She taught in both mainstream and special education classrooms for several years.  The last 14 years she has worked with developmentally disabled adults and children.


Mrs. Leslie Hinds: 3rd Grade, Library Coordinator



     Mrs. Hinds and her husband have four children and learned about St. John Bosco Academy after moving to the area several years ago. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Colorado Christian University and has her Multiple Subject Credential for grades K-8.

    She began as a long-term sub in 2020 and taught Kindergarten the following year.  Following one-year at another school she is "beyond estatic" to be back and teaching 3rd grade.

   Mrs. Hinds says "from the second I entered the classroom, I knew that God had led us to this area and to this school."

Mrs. Susan Wassmuth: 4th Grade



     Mrs. Wassmuth was raised on the Prairie in a farming and ranching family.  She attended the University of Idaho and Lewis-Clark State College, majoring in Elementary Education.  

     Mrs.  Wassmuth taught Preschool at St. John Bosco Academy before taking a break to be home with her children.  In 2019 she returned to teach 4th grade.  She has four children enrolled at SJB.

She enjoys spending time with her family, hunting, fishing, and working with their cattle herd. 


Mr. Michael Rehder: 5th-6th Grade



     Mr. Rehder was born and raised in Cottonwood and attended St. John Bosco Academy (then Summit Academy).  After graduation he attended Lewis-Clark State College.  He taught 3rd-4th grade at SJB in 2017-2018 then managed a local coffee shop for a few years before returning in 2019 to teach 5th-6th.  He married his high school sweetheart in 2020, and they recently welcomed their first child. 

   Mr. Rehder enjoys music and theater. He loves helping with the high school spring plays and has directed the last two shows, Sleeping Beauty and That Murder Game. His favorite traditions from the school include; Holyween, the Christmas Play, and the Physical Fitness Games. 


Mrs. Hannah Barga: 7th & 8th Grade


     Mrs. Barga joined the SJB family in 2023 shortly after moving to Idaho with her family.  She attended Benedictine College and the University of Colorado Springs graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Rhetoric and Writing and minoring in Theology and Theater/Dance.

    She was raised in Colorado, and cultivated a love for the outdoors there. She enjoys rock climbing, hike and camping.  She also has indoor hobbies which include music, dance and reading.

     "God truly brought my family to the Cottonwood community. When we had our first child, we knew we wanted to raise our family in a good Catholic community. By chance, I met a Cottonwood local at a women's retreat who told me about Cottonwood. God opened all of the doors for our family to move here without really knowing anyone. Since we have been here, we have experienced a community and support unlike any other. Likewise, God paved a way for me to be able to teach my favorite grades (middle school), and our involvement with the school has been an immense blessing to our family."


Mr. Gene Weckman: Athletic Director, Physical Education



    Mr. Weckman spent most of his life in a small community in northern California.  He and his wife Erin moved to the prairie in order to raise their family in a Catholic community.  They have nine children, four are students at SJB and two are alumni.

    Mr. Weckman earned degrees at Yuba Community College and Humboldt State University.  He worked as a game warden before transitioning to teaching.  He served as a long term substitute before taking a permanent teaching position.

   He and his family enjoy the outdoor activities that the mountains and rivers allow in our area. They participate in hunting, hiking, fishing, and skiing among other recreation activities.

Mrs. Sarah Warren: Spanish, 6th Math, 3rd Grade Aide


    Mrs. Warren moved to the Camas Prairie with her family in order to have a strong Catholic community in which to raise her nine children with her husband Matt.  She was raised in northern Utah and lived in southeaster Idaho prior to moving.

     She received an associate degree from Weber State University and expects to graduate from Lewis Clark State College with a degree in Elementary Education with a Middle School Math Endorsement in the spring of 2024.  She previously taught religious education for 14 years.

     Her family has a hobby farm with chickens and milk cows, which she enjoys working on.  She also enjoys relaxing by a fire and listening to music.

     Mrs. Warren appreciates being able to work in the school her children attend.  She says, "I love our tiny school with amazing families, and helping form future Catholic leaders."


Mrs. Cassi Enneking: HS Girls Homeroom, 7th Math, 9-12 Math and Science


   Mrs. Enneking was born and raised in western Washington.  She moved to Idaho in 2012 where she met her husband.  She has 3 daughters and 1 son. She has attended Lewis-Clark State College and Western Governor’s University. She and her family enjoy horseback riding, pack trips, hunting, camping, and swimming.

   “After originally thinking that we would solely homeschool our children we looked into St. John Bosco Academy and quickly fell in love. Our oldest daughter has been a student at SJB since her first year of preschool in 2016.”   Mrs. Enneking began working at St. John Bosco Academy in 2018.


Miss Sabrina Lustig: 7-12 History


    Miss Lustig was born and raised on the Camas Prairie and grew up working on her family's farm.  She graduated from the University of Idaho in  May of 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Social Studies and a minor in English as a New Language.  

    In her spare time she enjoys all the outdoor activities our area offers including fishing, hiking, swimming and four-wheeling.

    Miss Lustig was drawn to SJB becuase the faith is so present everywhere at the school.   She says, "I do not have to hide my faith in the classroom!"

Mrs. Theresa Schwartz: 9-12 Theology


    Mrs. Schwartz has a long relationship with St. John Bosco Academy, having served the school in many functions over the years.  In 2023 she began teaching high school Theology.  She also serves the local parish community as a Catechist and Spiritual Director. In additional to her Catechist certifications, she graduated from Boise State University.

     She and her husband are both from local families and have raised eight children.  They have three grandchildren (so far). 

     Mrs. Schwartz says, "I'm blessed to be able to teach our faith to students and watch them grow in their love and faith for Christ and His Church."


Mr. Warren Stevens: 9-12 Literature, Science, and Math, 11-12th Thesis


     Mr. Stevens spent his formative years in Grangeville. He grew up with a passion for reading, learning, and sharing what he has learned. He began tutoring as a sophomore in high school and has continued ever since. He earned a degree from The College of Idaho in International Political Economy with minors in Theatre, Human Biology, and French. He and his wife started their own tutoring company in the Treasure Valley, which they ran for several years. They moved back to Grangeville in 2017 for the slower pace of life, to be close to family, and for the beautiful country and its recreational opportunities. The eldest of their three children attends Kindergarten at SJB.

       Mr. and Mrs. Stevens were raised in Protestant families. They joined the Church together in 2018 after a great deal of study and prayer. They greatly appreciate the deeply rooted, integral nature of Catholicism in their newfound community, and have found they can bring an outside perspective that makes it easier to teach the faith to those who do not yet understand it. Mr. Stevens loves getting to know his students personally and helping them to develop as people and Christians as well as thinkers and learners. He strives to remind everyone that learning and sanctification are lifelong processes. "As long as we remain engaged with God, the sacraments, and wisdom, we continue to develop, grow, and thrive."

Mrs. Julie Sonnen: Catechesis of the Good Shepherd


     Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Mrs. Sonnen moved to the Camas Prairie with her family to live on the family farm when she was in 7th grade.  She graduated from Prairie High School, then attended the University of Idaho to earn a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a reading endorsement.  She has also completed certification for Level I and II of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program. After college she returned to the Camas Prairie to teach 1st and 2nd grade at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School in Grangeville.  She married her best friend, Norm Sonnen in 2001.  They reside in Greencreek where they run a cattle ranch and own and operate a custom meat processing plant. They have 6 children, four are current students and two are alumni.

     Her initial exposure to St. John Bosco Academy came when her youngest brother began attending in the early years of the school’s operation.  A more committed involvement began when their oldest child began preschool in 2006. 

     Mrs. Sonnen says,”being a part of the St. John Bosco Academy family has been such a blessing for us.  The Catholic culture present at the academy is a rare treasure; one that has helped our family live out our vocation to love.  Summit Academy is a Catholic school where faith formation is integrated throughout the entire school day.   It is a school where every class, practice, game, or field trip incorporates prayer.  A school where students learn about God not just in "religion" class, but in science, history, and humanities as well.  A school where sportsmanship is valued above winning. Our kids are given a life where religion, faith, and prayer are not delegated to one class period a day or one hour on Sunday; but rather, it is interwoven throughout everything they do, and I am so thankful!”

DSC_2406 (Small).JPG

Mrs. Rachel Gehring: Spiritual Advisor for faculty

      Mrs. Rachel (Nuxoll) Gehring is a native of Cottonwood who loved growing up on a ranch with horses. After graduation from Seton Home Study School in 1994, she discerned with the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi. Feeling called to marriage, she attended Franciscan University of Steubenville from 1995-1997, graduating with an Associates in Theology. In 1998, she married Mark, and, together, they have four beautiful children. For years, Mrs. Gehring was a stay-at-home mom who frequently volunteered in Regnum Christi and at the local Catholic school and parish. They moved from Lewiston back to the Camas Prairie in August of 2015.

     Ministry has always been on Mrs. Gehring’s mind and heart. In 2013, she was certified in spiritual direction at the Cenacle of Our Lady of Divine Providence School of Spirituality in Florida (associated with Franciscan University of Steubenville) and now offers spiritual direction through In 2016, Mrs. Gehring finished her Bachelor’s in Theology online through St. Joseph’s College of Maine. She is now pursuing a Masters in Pastoral Studies at Holy Apostles College and Seminary. Her favorite Scripture is, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me shall not walk in darkness but have the light of life!” (Jn 8: 12). 

Mrs. Taylor Wimer: Saint and Virtue Program

Mr. Gary Milliman: Bus Driver


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