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2024-2025 school year



Pre-School :                      $600 (Tu/Th)

Kindergarten:                  $1500

1st Grade:                          $2,200

Grade School (2-8):           $2,800

High School:                     $3,300

Annual Fees

Registration Fee:              $120

Kindergarten Book Fee:  $75

Grade School Book Fee:   $300

High School Book Fee:     $350

Sports Activity Fee:          $120 (5-12                                                                    grades only)


     As the primary educators of their children, St. John Bosco Academy makes every effort to work very closely with the parents and to include them in all aspects of their child's education and formation.


Parent Involvement


     One of the many ways we can keep the costs down for our school is the Service Hour Program.  Each family volunteers at least 30 hours per year or 15 hours per year for a single-parent family in some capacity at the school.  This may include: office work, maintenance, grounds keeping, library, field trips, fund-raising activities, special events, etc.  It is the responsibility of each parent to record their own volunteer time and report it to the office staff.  Each hour not met will incur a $12.50/hour charge to be paid at the end of the year.  The form for volunteer hours is distributed each year to the parents at the St. John Bosco Academy Open House.  Hours may be submitted online here.  

*Those parents who live too far away to fulfill the required parental volunteer duties may either donate an additional fee of $1,250 per semester or raise the equivalent in fundraising efforts for the school.

High School Boarding

St. John Bosco Academy accepts high school boarding students.  Students will board in family homes on a weekly or monthly basis.  The cost of boarding is negotiable, please contact our office to begin the admission process and discuss boarding options.

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