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     We work to form well-rounded Catholic leaders convinced of the truth, who will leave their mark in shaping a new civilization of justice and love, spreading the Kingdom of Christ by taking their place as responsible and qualified leaders in the family, in the community, in the Church, and in the world.


Student Learning Expectations

     To Teach the Mind: Giving students a foundation in the truth in all subjects so they can study, analyze, and build upon this foundation.  Truth is the foundation of knowledge from which all other learning flows.


     To Educate the Heart: Educating a student's heart and senses with a love for what is right, good, noble, just and beautiful through the study of arts, literature, and Christianity.


     To Form the Character: Encouraging and helping to form in each student a sense of responsibility, service to others, integrity in word and deed, perseverance, manners and a practice of the virtues.


Education Founded on Christian Truth

Christ-Centered Spirituality: Jesus Christ is the model and focus for all academic ventures.


Personalized Education: The Principal and the Teachers work in tandem with the parents to insure that each student excels in all areas of their lives.  


Love, Motivation and Conviction: Teachers and Staff motivate students through love expressed in self-giving, kindness and patience.  We emulate St. John Bosco's method of discipline, emphasizing reason, kindness and religion in each classroom and throughout the campus.



Education Instituted for Leadership

Forming Leaders: Students are challenged to change society through the principles contained in the Church's social teaching.


Social Responsibility: We strive to form Christian leaders who will influence different spheres of society according to Gospel standards.


Academic Excellence: Students are provided a content-rich curriculum in order for them to wisely and intelligently interact with society.


Reason = liberty + responsibiltiy

Religion = God + education

Kindness = strength + self-control


 Education Based upon Collaboration

Education by Goals: The teachers and students are held accountable for accomplishing the objective goals established by St. John Bosco Academy.


Family Involvement: We believe the home is the all-important setting where the greatest part of the student's non-scholastic life is lived and developed.


On-going Education and Formation: SJB seeks ways to help each student to continue to grow academically during their post-graduate years.


​Please review the Parent-Student Handbook which contains the basic program and the expectations we have for students and parents.

Parent-Student Handbook

Parent-Student Handbook

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