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Everyone has an 'A'

The preschool class is all smiles as they get to know each other on the first day of school.

Summit is again filled with the noise of happy students as they greet old friends, meet new and navigate the halls with a new class schedule. Mass was celebrated with Fr. Paul Wander who told students that right now, they all have an A. "If you don't have an A at the end of the term, it's because you've earned it," he said with a laugh.

Summit teachers make a point to get to know each student personally for the first few days of school. Teachers need to have a relationship with the student to be an effective formator. They strive to see the student as a whole person, rather than a vessel to be filled with knowledge.

Girls' Volleyball is in full swing, and plans are already being made for apostolic projects and school-wide events to promote camaraderie across all grades. Everyone is looking forward to another great year!

Fourth & fifth grade enjoy a game of 9 squares in the air during PE. A new-to-Summit game, it's been a popular choice for free time so far!


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