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How we're continuing to educate during the closure

Like nearly all schools in our nation, St. John Bosco Academy has closed it facilities for a time due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Unlike many schools, SJB is continuing its mission to teach the mind, educate the heart and form the character for all students during this time.

The school board and administration have announced the school will be closed through our regularly scheduled Easter Break. Classes may resume on April 20th. Students will be able to enjoy the Easter Break without classwork, but until then education continues!

Parents and student alike value the personalized education that every student receives at St. John Bosco Academy. Teachers know their students individually, and know what motivates each student to work hard. Right now, our teachers are hard at work while we're closed preparing lessons for students to complete at home, and coming up with new ways to deliver content.

As a classical school, our focus is on face to face education. Elementary students rarely use screen devices in the classroom. High school students have access to laptops at school as needed (and they've been made available to check out and take home during the closure). Teachers are continuing to educate in a way that doesn't involve students watching a screen for hours each day.

Elementary students receive a packet from their teacher each week that includes their work to be accomplished. The teacher has notes about the school work written directly to the students, which gives some normalcy to students' unusual learning circumstances. Students can hear their teachers 'voice' in the notes. Personal notes to students are also included.

At the Junior High and High school level, lesson information is sent via email to parents and students. Students are completing the work and then scanning or photographing to submit it to teachers. Several upper level classes have set up video conferencing for a few classes a week so that a lecture or discussion can occur. Using Google Classroom, teachers have set up chat sessions open to students only, where they can ask questions of the teacher or other students as well as stay in touch with classmates. Teachers have made themselves available by phone, text, skype, email, chat, and videochat to serve students and parents.

Parents are so grateful to our dedicated teachers who are committed to continuing quality education. Teachers are likewise grateful to parents who have taken on the home education of their children. We are also grateful that for the most part, our students have one parent who either stays at home or has a flexible schedule which allows them to help their children with their lessons.

By focusing on gratitude we will grow in unity and virtue as a school family during a time that is difficult for all of us.

We pray that our donors continue to be generous during this time. While our building is closed, the majority of our expenses remain. Please pray with us that this closure doesn't have a negative effect on our students or our financial situation.


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