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Juniors and Seniors breathe a sigh of relief after Thesis presentations

Summit Academy held their junior-senior thesis presentations with three community judges over the last week.  The thesis presentations are similar to a senior project in that each student chooses a topic and a mentor.  The topic is researched over several months and the students present their findings to a panel of judges.  This year's judges were Eileen Uhlenkott, Lu Crea and Heidi Waters.  After presenting their paper, the students answer questions from the judges which further demonstrates their knowledge of the topic.  The senior students complete further research based on the judge's questions and present their papers a second time which is open to parents and public.  The public presentation was held Tuesday evening.

Some of the thesis topics were controversial such as vaccinations in children, use of oral contraceptives and dangers of premarital sex.  Other topics included the positives and negatives of youth sports, screen time use in children, and whether God freely loves all humankind


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