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No Yawning for these Sleeping Beauties

Those who attended this weekend's Sleeping Beauty experienced joy, fear, awe and wonder but none could say the outstanding performances induced sleep. The fairies were magical, and Malificent was frightening. Her army of evil crows kept the crowds cowering as they hunted down Sleeping Beauty with their terrifying stomping and cawing. With dazzling swordsmanship, Prince Phillip fought his way past Malificent's henchman, and then had to battle a huge dragon that swayed menacingly above the stage. After the dragon's defeat Prince Phillip rushed to Sleeping Beauty's side where the fairies were anxiously waiting. And then . . . well, you know the rest of the story!

Thank so much to Gina Lustig who adapted the play, Director Michael Rehder and to the many many others who helped put on the play.

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