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Graduation 2020

St. John Bosco Academy held their Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation at St. Anthony Catholic Church on Saturday for seniors Erin Chmelik, Alexis Currier, Jessie Sonnen and David Wassmuth.  Fr. Paul Wander officiated the Mass with Deacon Ryan Uhlenkott.  Following Mass, Kim Frei began the graduation ceremony as commencement speaker. Kim knows all four graduates from her time as play director and basketball coach.  She commended each graduate on a specific trait and explained how it is necessary for all of us to cultivate that trait for a virtuous life. 

Following Kim, Salutatorian Jessie Sonnen gave her address, in which she explained that an education at St. John Bosco Academy is sometimes 'uncomfortable'.  She gave some examples of hard work required to grow as a person and as a student.  While some of these experiences may be uncomfortable at the time, she explained how they have prepared the graduates for their future.  Valedictorian David Wassmuth compared the four graduates to points on a compass rose.  Jessie was represented as North, as she is always headed in the right direction and can help any of the others get onto the right path.  Erin and Lexi were East and West with their sunny personalities who brought fun to everything.  David left South for himself, as the levelheaded one, who keeps everyone else upright and moving.  David compared the compass to formation at SJB.  The graduates now have a properly working compass to guide them throughout their lives.

Principal Jim Hickel and Board President Eric Wassmuth presented each graduate with their diploma.  Awards were presented by Principal Hickel and Amy Gorges.  Three special awards are presented at each graduation, which are previously voted on by faculty and staff.  The St. John Bosco Award was presented to Jessie Sonnen as one who is always pleasant in good times and bad, reaches out to others, and has the best overall attitude.  The Patriot Award was presented to David Wassmuth as one who can always be relied on to work hard in all academic areas, volunteers in many ways and has a strong work ethic.  The most prestigious award, the Excelsior Award, was presented to Alexis Currier.  She is the most balanced intellectually, spiritually, apostolically and humanly.  She sums up the "Excelsior" (Ever Higher) spirit of St. John Bosco Academy in all that she does.

Following the presentation of awards, Principal Hickel presented the Class of 2020 who, after tossing their caps, processed out to their class song, "Life is a Highway".  An outdoor social was held immediately following the ceremony.


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