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Summer improvements at SJB

What started as a one-day project to finish painting the exterior of the school this summer turned into over 200 volunteered man hours of making our school a more beautiful environment for our students. Mr. Michael Rehder (5/6 teacher) and his dad Kevin Rehder coordinated work with a crew from North Idaho Correctional Institute and many parent volunteers. In four workdays they were able to: finish painting the exterior of the school (which included siding repair, texturing, and caulking), paint both elementary bathrooms, paint the high school hallway, paint the gym floor (which included masking the court lines), remove carpet from the gym walls, upgrade the sound panels, paint the trim in the gym, paint the flagpole, paint the stairway walls to the basement, paint several of the doors, assemble uniform racks in the attic, repair baseboards throughout the school, wash windows, vacuum, and mop various rooms throughout the school.

We are so grateful for their time and dedication to improving the beauty of our students' daily surroundings!

Many parents, grandparents and local businesses contributed as well, in the form of meals for work crews, donations for supplies, use of equipment, and coming in to working on the projects.

Mr. Rehder says, "Let’s all work together this new school year to keep the ALI-B-TUFI and Excelsior spirits alive" ALI-B-TUFI is a part of the school culture that all students know well. It stands for Always Leave It Better Than yoU Found It and is pronounced like it sounds: Aly Bee Toofy.

The Rehders channeled Grandpa Rehder's spirit who often said, "With short strokes fell great oaks." He was right, what an upgrade to complete, and with one step at a time.


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